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Procurement Control

  • Review and analysis of purchase orders placement schedules, manufacturing, deliveries, acceptance from suppliers and transfer for erection
  • Control of compliance of purchase orders placement to the schedule dates, manufacturing, deliveries, acceptance from suppliers and transfer for erection
  • Participation of Service Provider’s technicians in equipment and materials acceptance procedure (incl. stepwise acceptance during fabrication)
  • Checkout of procured materials and equipment for conformity to the design solutions
  • Checkout of required documentation execution during on-site acceptance of equipment and materials
  • Creation of electronic data base for recording materials released for erection
  • Checkout of equipment and machinery released for erection
  • Checkout of compliance of process design sсhemes, installation drawings, line lists with project’s purchase order requisitions with regard to quantity and assortment of equipment, pipelines, valves, instrumentation, accessories, materials, etc., required by construction technology against those ordered
  • Inspection of the received equipment and materials documented by relevant acts, including, but not limited to:
    • in-process inspection during equipment production at the manufacturing plants
  • control and verification of vendor’s documentation (availability of required seals, signatures, dates, certificates on equipment serviceability with appropriate warranty period, certificates of conformity, etc.) proving the equipment quality and completeness based on the available and required maintenance documentation
  • checkout of availability and completeness of equipment and materials, their visual examination, verification of identification numbers, brand names, models, designations against the shipping documents data
  • Control of equipment and materials transportation, loading-unloading and other handling operations performed by the General Contractor
  • Participation on the Customer’s part as a member of the commission for rejecting inappropriate equipment and materials, drawing up nonconformance reports and complaint letters
  • Preparation of reports on materials issue from the warehouse and stock balance reports for the Customer

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