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Benefit of Cooperation

Organization and Management

  • Into the disposal of the Customer goes  a team of highly skilled specialists experienced in the similar projects at the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Russian Federation.
  • Team structure and number of specialists will be the best for project’s each phase and regulated by the Customer.
  • In the course of the project implementation TES will develop and provide to the Customer complete set of documentation (procedures, programs, diagrams, etc.) required for the organization, interface of the processes participants and effective management.

Design and estimate documentation study

  • Analysis and control of design documentation development schedule fulfillment.
  • Evaluation of design solutions, issuance of comments and control of corrective actions.
  • Development and submission for approval by the general designer of appropriate technical solutions when entering corrections and alterations to the project.
  • Drafting and providing to the Customer of recommendations and proposals intended for improvement of functional reliability and operating units / facilities safety.

Technical inspection on behalf of the Customer during procurement and packaging of equipment

  • Check of the project in so far as it concerns equipment and material choice in compliance with the requirements of safety standards and process media characteristics (this allows cutting the expenses related to their subsequent substitution).
  • Control of supply and completeness (it allows avoiding the expenses related to the extra orders of equipment and materials).
  • Equipment and materials acceptance before the transfer of ownership from the General Contractor to the Customer (this makes possible avoiding losses related to the expenses incurred due to non-qualitative purchases, subsequent expenses for return transportation: 1-2% from the procurement budget).
  • Monitoring of supply activities (it provides the Customer with timely information for making balanced and better decisions, as well as the information for claim activities against the General Contractor).
  • Packaging and maintenance of storage facilities (this allows, in the best possible way, distributing of available materials and retaining control over stock balance both at the Customer’s and General Contractor’s warehouses).

Technical inspection of construction quality and period

  • Technical supervision in the course of construction and assembly ensures strict observance by the Contractor of rules and regulations of Customer’s country, and also compliance with design documentation requirements. Preventive measures allow avoiding expenses related to elimination of defects (based on the implemented projects experiences – up to 10% of construction budget).
  • Construction and assembly monitoring provides the Customer with timely information to make balanced and better decisions, intended for regress elimination, as well as the information to claim against the General Contractor).

Development of operating and maintenance documentation

  • Development of operating and maintenance documentation with involvement of TES specialists ensures, within a short period of time (as early as during construction and assembly), development and approval of required documentation adopted to the requirements of Customer’s country what will allow operating staff to get classroom training and practical skills before preparatory, start-up and pre-commissioning works start.
  • TES specialists will set up a training program, participate in theoretical and practical training of the staff and also in the examination board for staff’s knowledge assessment.
  • TES specialists will develop computer simulator what makes possible for operating staff to gain operational skills before putting into operation.
  • Duly arranged staff training mitigates accident risks during operation related to the human factor (about 80% of all accidents).

Preparation, start-up and pre-commissioning

  • TES personnel participation during this phase (development of start-up programs, instructions for the General Contractor and control of their fulfillment) will make possible to shorten the time period of preparatory, start-up and pre-commissioning works by 25-30% by means of combining of installation schedule and preparatory, start-up and pre-commissioning work progress schedule.
  • At this phase TES specialists will engage operational staff in preparatory, start-up and pre-commissioning works, will train it in practical skills directly at workplace on “YOU DO AS I DO” principle.
  • TES experienced personnel in preparatory, start-up and pre-commissioning works mitigates considerably the risks related to putting out of operation of costly equipment during its separate and integrated tests, and to expenses for its reconditioning and/or replacement.




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