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Initial Start-up Control

Control during performance by the General Contractor of:

  • preparatory work (start-up and pre-commissioning schedule with regard to operation type; equipment flushing and purging programs and diagrams; division of processing equipment and pipelines systems into separate sections/contours; listing and calculation of chemicals, material and energy resources; checkout of the quality of works under way with regard to verification/calibration of instrumentation and automation means)
  • adjustment and alignment before individual testing (installation of temporary circuits and accessories for flushing, purging, individual testing of equipment and systems, off-plot facilities, automatic control system, etc.)
  • adjustment and alignment during individual testing (flushing, purging, equipment and pipeline systems testing; restoration of process design schemes after testing; trial start and green run of equipment; planning of corrective measures)
  • adjustment and alignment during integrated trial testing of equipment and process scheme (integrated testing of complete operation process, product recovery, equipment and process scheme adjustment; bringing into pilot operation and guarantee tests; issue of punch list and corrective actions; reports, analytical resume and recommendations)

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