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Construction and Installation Supervision

On-site construction supervision

  • Control of construction technology requirements and quality of works
  • Issue of instructions in case of deviations from design documentation, operational procedures, construction technology
  • Control of the timely issue of the proper Work Implementation Plan (PPR), Cranes Operation Statement (PPRK), Construction Method Statement (POS), Operating Process Charts, qualification of welders and approval of welding procedures
  • Control of as-built documentation, to be issued in the course of construction and documenting construction and installation process and project technical status
  • Preparation of construction progress reports for the Customer in the form of curves, summary tables and pictures
  • Control of inspection arrangements, instrumental and visual quality control of the work in progress by the General Contractor to be supported by the issue of relative documents (welds inspection, insulation inspection, etc.)
  • Control of adherence by the General Contractor to Customer’s Industrial Safety, HSE Requirements

On-site Erection Installation/Supervision

  • Erection/Installation supervision in relation to major process, auxiliary equipment and pipelines, pumping and compressor equipment, steel structures, automatic process control system equipment and electrical equipment
  • Supervision of insulation, lining works and chemical protection of machinery and pipelines
  • Issue of instructions (punch list, quality comments, etc.) and corrective actions control
  • Development and delivery of As-built Documentation List for approval by the General Contractor
  • Acceptance from construction and installation contractors of as-built documentation, checkout of its completeness and quality, issue of comments
  • Checkout of  availability and conformity of the structural elements, equipment and consumables used for the project construction and installation/erection to the quality assurance documents format
  • Control of execution of instructions and following the regulations issued by public oversight authorities, adherence to the Customer’s technical supervision requirements related to the issues of quality of construction and erection in progress, and structures, goods, materials and equipment being used
  • Control of compliance with Customer's HSE requirements


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