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Contract award by LLC “LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft”


Award of Contract for “Provision of services for technical supervision of construction of offshore oil and gas gathering pipelines between offshore ice-resistant fixed platform (MLSP) of gas and oil field named after Yu. Korchagin and ice-resistant platform-1 (LSP-1), reiser block platform (RB) of V. Filanovsky Oil and Gas Field; initial sections of offshore pipelines from RB of V. Filanovsky Field towards the oil and gas field facilities LSP-2, wellhead platform (BK), Yu.S.Kuvykin Oil and Gas Field, gas pipeline, dia.=400 mm, to the shore of Republic of Kalmykia, cable channels for connecting underwater cables to RB of V. Filanovsky Field; offshore pipelines of oil and gas export transport from RB of V. Filanovsky Field to shut-off valve units; 3 infield pipelines of V. Filanovsky Field from RB to LSP-2; 3 infield pipelines of Yu. Korchagin Field from MLSP to BK”. Russian Federation, Astrakhan Region. CUSTOMER: LLC “LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft”.


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